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Chapter 12: The Great Circle of Brahman

You cannot meet the Brahman, the absolute, if you feel yourself to be powerful. You meet the total only when you feel yourself to be totally powerless, helpless, no one, nobody. If you are feeling powerful in any way, you are creating a barrier. When you are powerful you are blind to the total. And you are so much disturbed through your power, so much in inner turmoil, that you cannot have that silence which can become a meeting, a communion with the total. Hence, the emphasis of all religions to dissolve the ego: only then can you enter the divine.

Jesus says: “Only those who are like children will enter my kingdom of God.” Why “like children”? Children are helpless; they are not powerful. Children are still part of the cosmic whole. They have not yet become egos. They do not yet have a crystallized center of the ego; they are still undivided. That is why children are so beautiful. It is difficult to find an ugly child and it is difficult to find a beautiful old man.

Why? If every child is born so beautiful, then why does every old man go on becoming ugly? Something goes wrong somewhere. Every child is beautiful. The beauty comes from wholeness. The child is whole, undivided. He has no fragments, no division. He is not schizophrenic, he is not fighting anything. He is simply living, breathing, with no fight. The world is not yet a struggle. And he is not fighting with himself either - he is not yet religious. He is simply a natural being just like animals, birds, trees, rocks. He is part of the cosmic whole.

He will come out of it. We will bring him out of it; we cannot leave him like that. And even if we leave him he will come out of it, because he has the potentiality to be divided, he has the potentiality to become an ego. And that is part of the ultimate education, that he must become an ego, because unless you have an ego you cannot lose it.

The child is pre-ego. His innocence is natural, but a natural innocence can be disturbed at any moment. Whenever he becomes mind, he becomes cunning. Whenever he will become alert about his individuality, he will become egoistic.

This is the meaning of the biblical story, that Adam and Eve were innocent in the garden of Eden and God prohibited them to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Why was the fruit of the tree of knowledge prohibited? - because the moment you know, you are separated. Knowledge separates.

The child is innocent because he is ignorant. He doesn’t know where he ends and where you begin. Child psychologists say that in the beginning the child cannot even feel where he ends and where his mother begins. He feels everything as one. For nine months in the womb he exists as one with his mother. He breathes through his mother, he lives through his mother. Even after being born, when he has come out of the womb, deep in his mind he goes on existing as one with his mother. He has no ego and he cannot feel that he is separate yet. By and by he will know that he is separate, by and by he will become aware of you.

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