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Chapter 18: Dropping out of the Olympics

There are no real differences, there cannot be. All differences are superficial. The Jew is not different from the Hindu, the Mohammedan is not different from the Christian, the Chinese is not different from the American, the Negro is not different from the English.

Man is one, differences are superficial. Yes, they are there, obviously. A Negro is a Negro: he has black skin, he looks different from the white man. But the difference is not a difference that makes a difference. The difference is so small: just a little more black pigment in his skin, four annas worth more - just that is the difference, four annas. And remember, he is four annas more than the white man, not less - richer by four annas.

But the difference of the color of the skin or the difference of the length of your nose is not the difference. Just because you have a long nose, a Jewish nose, you don’t become the chosen people of God. Or just because you are born in India you don’t become religious either.

These are all stupid ideas. But these stupid ideas have persisted in the world; and not only persisted, have proved great calamities to humanity. They were very ego-gratifying. The Hindu thinks he is the most religious in the world, his country the most sacred - what nonsense you go on talking!

Countries are separate only on the political maps; otherwise it is one earth. Just thirty years ago, Karachi and Lahore used to be holy land - just thirty years ago. But now they are in Pakistan and very unholy. Now Indians cannot think of a place which is more unholy than Lahore or Karachi: the unholiest of the unholy, and they used to be part of the holy land. Just a little change of politics, a line drawn on the map - not on the earth; the earth is still undivided.

I have heard a story:

When India and Pakistan were going to be divided, there was a madhouse just on the border, and nobody was particularly interested in having that madhouse, neither India nor Pakistan. But it had to go somewhere - and because politicians were utterly uninterested, it was decided to ask the madmen themselves where they want to go.

A great gathering - one thousand madmen were gathered and they were asked, “Where do you want to go?” And they said, “We don’t want to go anywhere, we simply want to remain here.” Again and again, in many ways it was explained to them, “You will not be going anywhere, you will remain here. But still we want to ask where do you want to go - to India or to Pakistan?”

The madmen could not believe their ears. They said, “Now you are creating great suspicion in us, whether we are mad or you are mad! If we are not going to go anywhere, then why should we decide where we should go?” There was no communication possible. And you see, the mad people were far more right. They are always far more right than your so-called politicians.

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