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Chapter 13: Beyond Polarities, Beyond Time

You will be surprised that the more aboriginal races, the more primitive races, don’t dream much. A dreamer is really a phenomenon. In a primitive community, one who dreams becomes a prophet, because ordinarily there is no dreaming. They live so much with reality that dreaming is not needed.

The more cultured a society, the more dreaming there is. And then, in the end, the night is not enough. You have to dream in the daytime also. Then there is a continuous circle of dreaming inside. Sometimes you are dreaming less, sometimes more - that is the only difference.

But if you just penetrate inside, you will see a film of dreams continuously going on. Just close your eyes and there is a dream. It is not that you had your eyes open so a dream was not there. It was there, running, but you were not there to see it, that’s the only thing. Close your eyes, relax, and the dream is there, just waiting for you to continue. It is there, waiting for you.

This dreaming mind is the reason. It goes on creating better images. And then there is comparison, then there is misery - you feel weak. This weakness is created by our minds. Otherwise no one is weak and no one is strong. Everyone is as he is. Each individual is so individual that comparison is impossible. How can you compare?

Ordinarily, you will not compare yourself with a stone. You will not compare, because a stone is a stone. But if you are a man, you will compare yourself with a man. Why? - because you feel that “We are alike.” You will not compare yourself with a woman, because the whole culture has trained your mind so that there is no reason to compare yourself with a woman. You are a man, so you compare yourself with a man because you are alike.

We compare only when we feel alike. No one will say that “This tree is more beautiful than my wife.” It is meaningless. And if you say it, then the wife is not going to be violent about it. She will just laugh. But tell her, “That woman is more beautiful” and it becomes misery.

The whole attitude of comparison is based on the feeling of alikeness. But no one is alike. It is not that one man and another man can be compared - no. They cannot be compared. They are so absolutely different - more different than a tree and a woman. Nothing is alike; every existence is unique. But this uniqueness can only be felt when you don’t escape into dreaming.

Be with the facts and you will come to know that everyone is unique, not that you are unique. If you feel, “I am unique,” you are still in comparison, because this uniqueness is that in comparison to someone else, “I am unique.” If someone says, “I am unique,” then it is still a comparison. When you feel that everyone is unique, every moment of time, every stone, every tree, every leaf of a tree is unique.

This uniqueness is felt when you live with your facticity. Then this uniqueness is revealed to you; then there is no comparison. Then you never feel weak or strong, foolish or wise, beautiful or ugly, because there is nothing to compare with. You are alone.

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