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Chapter 2: Why Have You Come?

This has to be remembered by you all. You are here with me. I am not giving you any forced discipline. That doesn’t mean that I am against discipline. No, I am all for it. But the discipline should come out of you. Your discipline will be your discipline, nobody else’s. Your flower will be your flower, nobody else’s, and that is going to be unique. That is the beauty - that whenever truth is attained it is always unique because everybody attains in his own way. Everybody flowers into it as an individual. You become more and more authentically individual.

This is the meaning of resurrection - the false within you will die. But you carry the real. You are already pregnant with it, it has to be helped.

A real master is what Socrates used to say about himself - that he is a midwife. A real master is a midwife. He does not give you anything, he simply helps you, your own being, to be brought to light, to be brought to birth. But if you have come with a wrong reason then the master cannot help you because you will frustrate all his efforts.

Just a few days ago a man came to see me from South America. He traveled long just to see me, but then could not see me. He himself frustrated his own effort.

He is a sort of guru in his own right. He has many followers in Latin America. And that created the trouble. He thinks himself somebody special so he wanted a special interview with me, not with anybody else present. He was not ready to come at seven in the evening when I usually see people. With others, it was hurtful to his ego. He wanted a special interview, only for him. I could have given it, but that would have been wrong. There was no trouble in it, he could have been given a separate time, but that would have been very very dangerous to his own growth, because then I am yielding to a wrong reason.

He thinks himself special; hence he needs a special interview. This egoistic standpoint will not be of any use. From the very beginning something is wrong. The very first step is going to be wrong. So I didn’t give him a special interview. I insisted: You come at seven o’clock tomorrow evening. He must have felt frustrated. He wrote a letter, and he wrote, “I will be waiting for you at Hotel Amir tomorrow at four o’clock in the afternoon.” He wrote it in such a way that it can either mean that he wants me physically to go to the Hotel Amir, or it may mean that he simply wants my spiritual presence to be there. That too is tricky, clever and cunning.

At four o’clock I really tried. I really tried to make contact with him because the man has potential. The man has a potentiality, and can be helped tremendously. He can grow and become a beautiful flower. But the ego is also very great.

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