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Chapter 9: Everybody Wants to Change the World

The man at the other end said, “Nothing!”

Then the first man was more furious. He said, “Then why have you phoned me in the middle of the night?”

The other man said, “Because the rate is cheaper!”

If the rate is cheaper, you can even buy nothing. And that’s what you have done. To create an image that you are unique is cheap, but to be unique is arduous, very hard. Many, many lives of struggle, striving, many lives of effort culminate into something when you become unique. But to believe that you are unique is just cheap; you can do it right now, there is no need even to move. And you have been believing in cheap things; that’s why fear exists.

You cannot look at yourself. All that you have been thinking yourself to be, you will not find there. And you know it well. Who else will know it as well as you know? If you think you are beautiful, then you cannot look in the mirror if this beauty is just an idea. And you know well! Rather than looking in the mirror, you will break all mirrors. Whenever an ugly man or an ugly woman looks into the mirror, he or she thinks that something is wrong with the mirror, because it is so painful to realize that you are nobody.

You are somebody in your eyes. Everybody else may know that you are nobody, but not you. Even a madman thinks that the whole world is mad. The whole world says to him, “You are mad!” but he will not listen because it is too painful. He will create all sorts of arguments, rationalizations to say, “I am not mad.”

It happened:

Mulla Nasruddin came running into a farm one evening and asked the farmer, “Have you seen a lunatic woman passing through here?”

The farmer said, “What did she look like?”

Nasruddin described her. He said, “She is six feet four inches tall, very fat, and weighs forty-five pounds.”

The farmer looked a little puzzled and said, “If she is six feet four inches tall and is very fat, how can she weigh only forty-five pounds?”

Nasruddin laughed and said, “Don’t be silly, didn’t I tell you that she is a little crazy?”

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