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Chapter 8: Just for Your Sake

He said, “I am laughing because you are not killing me; the man you are killing is not me. That’s why I am laughing - you are killing the body and I am not the body. It is so ridiculous. I had never thought that you would be so foolish, and I am telling God, looking upwards to the sky: “You cannot befool me. Even if you have come in the form of the murderers, I recognize you - because only God exists and nobody else. Today he has come in the form of murderers, as death - it is my ultimate test.”

This person is neurotic? And just the mention of the word death is enough to make Freud tremble and fall from his chair and faint. And this is the founder of psychoanalysis? Psychoanalysts are avoiding their own problems. Except a man enters into meditation, he goes on avoiding his problems.

You ask me, “Here with you, the importance of the group is very much stressed in therapy.” Yes, but always as a union, not as unity. It is a temporary arrangement, an experiment. You are not to become one with the group. You have to function in harmony with the group, but you remain the individual. Just like in an orchestra different instruments are being played, but each instrument remains different, unique. Each contributes to the whole, but you can contribute to the whole only if you are separate, otherwise who is going to contribute and to whom?

In an orchestra the flute-player is contributing, the guitarist is contributing, the pianist is contributing - but the pianist is a pianist and the flute-player is a flute-player. The flute is a flute and the piano is a piano; they retain their individualities. But for the moment they have joined hands together - it is a union not a unity. The flute has not become part of the piano. If it does the whole beauty will be lost.

Here in the groups, the emphasis is that you should be individuals and yet capable of functioning in harmony with others. That’s what is happening on a greater scale in the whole commune: everybody should remain an individual, yet be capable of participating in the communal life - participating in the work, in the play, in the music of the commune. But it is not expected that you should destroy your individuality; that will be suicidal, that will be a murder. On the contrary, the whole effort is to sharpen your individuality, to give you more and more uniqueness The more meditative you become, the more unique, incomparable, you become.

The Buddha is a peak - part of the infinite universe but not part in the sense that he is replaceable; not like a part in a car that you can replace. He is unique, he is irreplaceable; nobody can replace him. The higher you rise in awareness, the more you are in tune with the universe, and at the same time the more unique you go on becoming. Hence the uniqueness of Buddha in contrast to Jesus, the uniqueness of Mohammed in contrast to Mahavira. Where else can you find such unique individuals?

But we have lived in a society which destroys individuality and gives us false toys in the name of individuality - gives us a personality. This personality is a burden, and you are always ready, absolutely willing to put this burden aside.

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