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Chapter 6: Jesus Christ, I Missed!

In reality there is no ego, no self, no atman.

It is so.

You say you are not a person, but a presence, that you are a mirror. When it is cloudy outside, you are cloudy.

There you have to understand one thing: I am not cloudy when it is cloudy outside. Clouds are only reflected. The mirror is never cloudy or non-cloudy. The mirror simply reflects, it never changes. When the mirror is reflecting clouds, do you think the mirror has changed? The mirror is the same. The mirror is nothing but its mirroring: it only reflects, it only rebounds all that falls upon it. It does not add anything to it, does not delete anything from it. It has no say about it.

You also say everyone is unique.

Everyone, except buddhas. They are not counted in “everyone,” because they are “everyone” no more, they are all. They are part of totality now. They don’t have that idea of separation.

Uniqueness implies separateness, certainly; uniqueness implies individuality, certainly; and Enlightenment is union.

So in union there can be no uniqueness. It is very ordinary: it has always been the same, it will always be the same. That’s why those who search for enlightenment can’t go on ego-trips. To seek for enlightenment is to commit suicide as far as the ego is concerned. And individuality and atman and self and all that, are nothing but different names for the ego, beautiful names. The ego looks a little ugly, and when you call it “self” it looks a little better, and when you call it atman it becomes very holy, but it is the same, the same entity.

Enlightenment is the disappearance of the ego, of the individuality, of separation. Just as the Ganges falls into the ocean - what uniqueness can it have? It was unique, it had its own form, its own color, its own strength. It was different from any other river. But when it falls into the ocean what uniqueness can it have now? All other rivers are falling - the Amazon and Thames - and they all are disappearing into the ocean, and they all are becoming salty.

So is enlightenment.the river disappears into the ocean.

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