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Chapter 4: From the Beyond

And because you cannot grow you have to find substitute growths. You cannot grow but your bank balance can grow, that’s a substitute. It needs no courage, it is perfectly adjusted with your cowardliness. Your bank balance goes on growing and you start thinking that you are growing. You become more respectable. Your name and fame go on growing and you think you are growing? You are simply deceiving yourself. Your name is not you, neither is your fame you. Your bank balance is not your being. But think of the being and you start shaking, because if you want to grow there then you have to drop all cowardice.

How do we become new? We do not become new of ourselves. Newness comes from the beyond, say from God. Newness comes from existence. Mind is always old. Mind is never new, it is the accumulation of the past. Newness comes from the beyond; it is a gift from the divine. It is from the beyond and it is of the beyond.

The unknown and the unknowable, the beyond, has ingress into you. It has ingress into you because you are never sealed and set apart; you are not an island. You may have forgotten the beyond but the beyond has not forgotten you. The child may have forgotten the mother, the mother has not forgotten the child. The part may have started thinking, “I am separate,” but the whole knows that you are not separate. The whole has ingress in you. It is still in contact with you. That’s why the new goes on coming although you don’t welcome it. It comes every morning, it comes every evening. It comes in a thousand and one ways. If you have eyes to see, you will see it continuously coming to you.

Existence goes on showering on you, but you are enclosed in your past. You are almost in a kind of grave. You have become insensitive. Because of your cowardliness you have lost your sensitivity. To be sensitive means the new will be felt - and the thrill of the new, and the passion for the new and the adventure will arise and you will start moving into the unknown, not knowing where you are going.

Mind thinks it is mad. Mind thinks it is not rational to leave the old. But the divine is always the new. That’s why we cannot use past tense or future tense for God. We cannot say, “God was,” we cannot say, “God will be.” We can only use the present, “God is.” It is always fresh, virgin. And it has ingress in you.

Remember, anything new coming in your life is a message from the divine. If you accept it you are religious. If you reject it you are irreligious. Man needs just to relax a little more to accept the new, to open up a little more to let the new in. Give way to the divine entering you.

That is the whole meaning of prayer or meditation - you open up, you say yes, you say, “Come in.” You say, “I have been waiting and waiting and I am thankful that you have come.” Always receive the new with great joy. Even if sometimes the new leads you into inconvenience, still it is worth it. Even if sometimes the new leads you into some ditch, still it is worth it because only through errors one learns, and only through difficulties one grows. The new will bring difficulties. That’s why you choose the old - it does not bring any difficulties. It is a consolation, it is a shelter.

And only the new, accepted deeply and totally, can transform you. You cannot bring the new in your life; the new comes. You can either accept it or reject it. If you reject it you remain a stone, closed and dead. If you receive it you become a flower, you start opening.and in that opening is celebration.

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