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Chapter 6: What Is Found in Meditation

I have heard a story about Mozart. Mozart was a great musician, so one day he composed a very unique piece of music. The music had stopped, the music had come to an end, and a friend of his was the only listener. Mozart became still, the instruments became quiet, but the friend still went on swaying. After a long time had passed Mozart touched the friend and said, “The music has stopped now. Why do you go on swaying?”

The friend said, “While you were playing, what I heard was the sound. The sound has disappeared and now I am rejoicing in the soundless. Before it was only the circumference of music, now I am drowning in the center of the music. Don’t disturb me!”

We look for the divine only in the physical, in the manifest. That is the effort of science: “I will search only in the visible, physical world. So if there is such a thing as the divine in man,” science says, “we will perform surgery and dissect the man, analyze and examine him to see whether or not there is anything like the divine in him.” They analyze the physical but they find no soul inside, because the soul is not physical. What is physical is the body as a circumference, and if we dissect this manifest body the unmanifest will also disappear.

It is as if there is a beautiful rose flower in bloom and I say, “It is beautiful,” and you ask, “Where is the beauty?” We can cut the flower up, dissect it and analyze it in a laboratory to find where the beauty is, but the flower will be destroyed. What will be left in your hands is not beauty, it will be something else. It will be some chemical substances, some minerals - that is all that will be left in your hands. Its color will be taken out and all the constituents of the flower will be there; we can put each thing into a separate bottle and label it, but one thing is certain - there will not be a bottle with the label “beauty” on it. Then we can say with the full support of systematic logic that there was no beauty in the flower. We have examined everything, nothing has been left out. Everything has been put into those bottles, the whole flower has been captured in the bottles. You can weigh them and the substances in the bottles will be equal in weight to the weight of the flower. Everything will be there, but there will be no beauty left anywhere.

Beauty was not the physical, the flower was the physical. It was through the flower that the unmanifest was manifesting itself. You can understand it this way: the unmanifest was living in the physical form called “flower.” You have taken away the form, and the formless has also disappeared.

If somebody is playing a veena and you think that the music is in the strings of the veena itself, then you will be very much mistaken. The string is only a string, and no matter how much you examine them you will not find music in the strings. Or if you think that by breaking open the wooden body of the instrument you will have music in your hands, that also will not be true. The veena is only a medium for the unmanifest to manifest. If you search in the veena you will not find music at all. And once the veena has been broken, once you have examined it by breaking it into pieces, then there will be no way for the music to happen.

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