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Chapter 3: In Accord with the Way

You can watch a bullock cart moving. The wheels move. They move on something which is unmoving - the center remains unmoving. The hub remains unmoving. On an unmoving hub, the wheel goes on moving.

If you only look at the wheel, you will be looking at the temporal. If you become capable of looking at the hub, you will be able to penetrate the eternal. If you only look at the periphery, you will be watching the accidental. If you become capable of reaching to the center, to the hub, you will be able to know the essential. And unless you come to know the essential, you will be repeating the same thing again and again and again.

The world is called the wheel because things go on repeating themselves again and again, and you by and by become repetitive. And the more you repeat yourself, the more you are bored. The more you are bored, the more dull and stupid you become. You lose intelligence, you lose freshness, you lose awareness. You become a robot, a mechanical thing.

Watch people around you. They have become robots. They just go on doing the same thing again and again. Every morning, every evening, they go on moving in the same rut, and of course they look dead. There is no spark in their eyes; you cannot find any ray of light.

Buddha calls this continuous repetition of the wheel, samsara. To get out of it, to get out of this rut, is nirvana.

Before we enter the sutra, a few things have to be understood.

Life is the game of the games, the ultimate game. It has tremendous meaning in it if you take it as a game and you don’t become serious about it. If you remain simple, innocent, the game is going to impart many things to you.

Sometimes you were a tiger, and sometimes you were a rock, and sometimes you became a tree, and sometimes you become a man; sometimes you were an ant, and sometimes an elephant. Buddha says all these are games. You have been playing a thousand and one games, to know life in every possible way. By playing game after game, the player may experience all the permutations of matter in evolution. That is the goal of life.

When you exist like a tree, you know life in one way. Nobody else can know it except the tree. The tree has its own vision. When clouds come in the sky and the sun shines and there is a rainbow, only the tree knows how to feel it. It has a perceptivity of its own. When the breeze passes by, the tree knows how to be showered in it. When a bird starts singing, only the tree knows, only the tree has ears for it.for its music, its melody. The tree has a way to know life - its own way. Only a tree knows that way.

A tiger has another way of knowing life. He is playing another game. An ant is playing a totally different game. Millions of games..

All these games are like classes of a university. You pass through each class; you learn something. Then you move into another class. Man is the last point.

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