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Chapter 7: Eat from the Tree of Knowledge

He was a fanatic. In fact, all old so-called religions are fanatic because their faith is not based on reason, on science. Their faith is based on absolutely unprovable beliefs. Faith requires that you should not ask why. But the question why is absolutely natural. So to force the “why” into your unconscious, to destroy your reason completely, you have to be a fanatic - utterly stubborn; otherwise those questions will arise. If you are flexible, those “why’s” will come up, and they will destroy your faith.

What grounds had Jesus got to prove that he was the messiah? He had not got any certificate from God.just because he said so. Jews wanted to bring this stupid young man to his senses. If he had a little intelligence and rationality he would have not gone there; there was no need. But then there was no need even to declare himself a messiah or son of God - which are all foolish. You cannot prove you are the son of God; nobody can prove it. Nobody can prove that God exists, what to say about the son! God is an unproved hypothesis. From one unproved hypothesis, another unproved hypothesis - the son. A fanatic mind is needed, almost a madman. He really believed that he was the messiah. You can go to any madhouse..

When Winston Churchill was the prime minister of England, there were eight Churchills in the madhouses of England - and each absolutely certain of it. And there was no way to disprove it - that they were not Winston Churchill. How to disprove it? The man says, “I know I am Winston Churchill.”

A strange incident happened that brought this fact to light. Because of the war, after six in the evening everybody had to move into their houses; nobody was to remain outside. After six there was a strict curfew order. One day Churchill went for a walk and forgot that he had to return exactly at six. By the time he heard Big Ben, he was afraid: the house was still too far, he would not be able to reach it - and if he was caught! So he thought the best would be to knock at the first house rather than to be in a police station. And you know the British mind: they would have dragged him to a police station. Even if the man had recognized that he was Winston Churchill, it would have been of no help in Britain. He would have to prove it in the police station, and unless he proved it he would not be released. He thought it better to knock at the first door and ask, “Can I stay overnight?”

He knocked on the door. The man opened the door and he asked, “Can I stay overnight?”

The man who had opened the door asked, “Who are you?”

He said, “I am Winston Churchill, prime minister of England. You must have heard about me.”

The man simply grabbed him and pulled him in. He said, “Come in. I have heard about you.”

Churchill could not understand why he was behaving that way. He said, “What are you doing? I am really Winston Churchill.”

He said, “I know. Three others are already here. This is a madhouse.”

The whole night Winston Churchill had to remain there. He asked again and again, “Let me phone and inform your higher authorities that I am really Winston Churchill.”

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