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Chapter 8: Aha!

Even loaded guns cannot force a master to say something which cannot be said. When the emperor got the book, Lao Tzu was released. But he had deceived them. If you remember these statements, that truth said becomes untrue, truth expressed loses the quality of being true - if these conditions have to be remembered while reading the book, in fact there is no point in reading it! But Lao Tzu was gone.

What had been the difficulty for Lao Tzu? Because every Tom, Dick, and Harry is talking about truth. Only Toms, Dicks and Harrys can talk about truth because they know nothing about it. To enter that silence where the two disappear..

Krishnamurti has chosen to say that when the two disappear only one remains. But that goes against all the mystic experiences of the world. Because if one remains, the other is just around the corner; you cannot conceive what one means if you do not have some idea of the two.

A great mystic, Shankara from India, instead of using one tried a different way. It makes not much difference, but it is certainly better than J. Krishnamurti’s idea. Shankara says a nonduality remains. He does not say one remains, because one reminds you of two. He reverses the process. He says the two are no more - that will remind you of the one. But even reminding you in an indirect way is still the same.

Perhaps Gautam Buddha comes very close to saying the unsayable, but I am saying “very close.” I am not saying that he has said it - almost. He denies rather than affirms. Krishnamurti affirms: “the observer is the observed.” Gautam Buddha says, “Neither is there an observer nor is there the observed.” In the whole history of mankind, perhaps he comes closest. He simply denies, and his denial is such that it does not provoke the idea of one; neither the observer nor the observed. And he keeps silent about what remains. Just pure silence, nobody even to experience it, nobody even to express it.

I repeat that J. Krishnamurti has been confusing thousands of people in his long life of ninety years. If you ask me, Amrito, I will say just be quiet about it.

Let it be.

Don’t try to describe what it is.

This is a deep itch in the mind, to describe everything. Unless the mind describes it, the itch remains. It is a kind of sickness. When everything has come to a standstill, when you are not, who is going to experience? Who is going to observe, and what is going to be observed? Just a stillness.you have disappeared in it and the observed has also disappeared in it.

This is unsayable and will remain unsayable. Howsoever close you come to it, you are still far away. My own understanding is just to avoid talking about it. Don’t mention it. Experience, but there should be no experiencer.

In ordinary human life, there is nothing which can be compared to this experience - that creates great difficulty. Otherwise some indications, some hints.and all kinds of ways have been tried:

“It is one.”

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