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Chapter 3: Osho!

I am not at all worried about being arrested. On the condition that all the priests and monks of India are tested and can prove that they don’t suffer from AIDS, I am willing to remain my whole life in a prison. I say it with absolute certainty, because I know the psychology of homosexuals. AIDS is the ultimate outcome of thousands of years of celibacy being forced on people in the name of religion. In India there will be more people suffering from AIDS than in any other country, among the priests, monks and Jaina bhikkhus.

If the government has courage enough, I will risk my whole life remaining in prison.but all these people should be checked. This is the only campus, not only in India, but in the whole world, where you cannot enter without a certificate proving AIDS-negative. In what way is this old idiot saying that I have brought AIDS to India?

Secondly, he goes on insisting that the untouchables need not go to temples because they are “God’s only beloved people.” If the beloved ones cannot enter into a temple, either God is wrong, or his love is a fallacy, a strategy. At least the Shankaracharya who is saying it - himself the head of one of the biggest and most ancient temples, with hundreds of priests there - he should lead the harijans, the untouchables, into his temple first.

If he is a man of his word, then don’t be so cunning that, “Untouchables need not enter into the temple because God will meet them outside the temple.” It is a strange strategy. Lovers meet in intimacy inside, it is a special concession. And he goes on insisting that harijans should not enter inside temples and he goes on giving an absolutely absurd reason: because they are “God’s beloved people.”

Anyone with a small intelligence can see the contradiction. If they are God’s people, they should be the first to be allowed and welcomed into the temple. And if they are only God’s people, then they should be the priests and the Shankaracharyas, not the brahmins; because the Shankaracharya is not saying that brahmins are God’s chosen people, are God’s beloved people.

This old man is either neurotic or perhaps psychotic. They say that the psychotic is a person who believes that two plus two is five and the neurotic is one who knows that two plus two is four, but is very much worried about it - “Why are they four?”

So he is either neurotic or psychotic - he can choose whatever he is - but he certainly needs psychiatric treatment. I don’t ask the government to arrest him, I want the government to hospitalize him.

He is such a hilarious fellow; we would love to welcome him here and enjoy the night, it would be a festival time.

I met him only once, twenty years ago in Patna, at a world Hindu conference. We were both sitting side by side on the platform. Looking at him I was thinking that perhaps Charles Darwin is right. And he proved it! When I started speaking, I was standing just on the corner of the platform, and he became so enraged, so angry, that he tried to take away the microphone from my hand and fell from the platform - twenty feet high platform and survived!

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