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Chapter 9: Be Ready to Be Chopped

Buddha had to ask forgiveness.

His wife - her name was Yashodhara - said, “For these twelve years I have been carrying only one question to ask to you. And that question is: whatever you have attained - and certainly you have attained something, I can see it in your eyes, on your face, in your grace. My question is: Whatever you have attained, was it not possible to attain it in the palace, in the kingdom? Was renunciation necessary?”

Gautam Buddha said, “At that time I thought so, because for centuries it has been said that unless you renounce the world you cannot find the ultimate truth. But now I can say with absolute certainty, whatever has happened to me could have happened in the kingdom, in the palace; there was no need to go anywhere.”

This is my answer to the stupid.

I am not an ignorant person. My buddhahood has nothing to do with Gautama the Buddha, and I am not a Buddhist, remember it. Just as Buddha was - call it “self-styled” - I am also an individual in my own right. It has nothing to do with your Gautam Buddha. That’s why I have called myself Zorba the Buddha, just to make the distinction clear.

But the idiots can neither think nor can they hear.

The third idiot is a professor belonging to the same converted untouchables. Today he has given a press conference in which he says, “Shree Rajneesh has not been initiated. How can he be a Buddhist?”

Who told him that I am a Buddhist? I am a buddha, and it has nothing to do with your Gautam Buddha.

And can I ask the idiot professor - it is very rare - who initiated Gautam Buddha? If he can be without any initiation, why can I not be?

He has also said, “Shree Rajneesh should be an ordinary human being.”

That’s what a buddha is: an ordinary human being.

But it is strange that in a vast state like Maharashtra only three idiots have spoken. Other idiots must be keeping quiet, knowing that I will chop their heads!

Yes, I am an ordinary human being - but that’s exactly what “the Buddha” means. Look into the Buddhist scriptures. To be an ordinary human being is the most extraordinary thing in the world.

But it is not coincidence that all these idiots belong to this small sect of Buddhists. I have known the people who converted these untouchables. These sudras, who have been living in slavery, utter slavery and oppression, for twenty-five centuries, suddenly have become very vocal.

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