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Chapter 10: That Flame Depends on You

It is strange that it happens in every church, in every place all around the world, that the people who go to listen to the sermon sleep. Because those sermons are the same the same Bible, the same statements, the same interpretation. In fact the preachers have a few ready-made sermons: five, six, seven. So they go on changing one week this sermon, another week another sermon. Those who have been coming to listen to them for years know every sermon; the moment the preacher starts, they know what is going to happen and they relax and close their eyes.

But with machines, things are very certain, because they don’t depend on any doing of yours. It is just like listening to music: you feel peaceful, harmonious. Those machines will lead you up to the third state: deep sleep, sleep without dreams.

And I have ordered them: they will be coming here soon and with one machine even a hundred persons can be plugged in. A hundred persons for ten minutes, then another hundred, then another hundred.the whole day the machine goes on creating meditative waves.

But if you think this is meditation then you are wrong. I will say this is good experience, and while you are in that moment of deep sleep.If you can be aware also from the very beginning, as the mind starts changing its waves you have to be more alert, more awake, more watchful of what is happening and you will see that mind is by and by falling asleep. If you can see the mind falling asleep, the one who is seeing the mind falling asleep is your being. And that is the authentic purpose of all meditation.

So these machines cannot create that awareness that awareness you will have to create. But these machines can certainly create within ten minutes a possibility which you may not be able to create in years of effort. So I am not against these hi-tech instruments, I am all for them. It is just that I want the people who are spreading those machines around the world to know that they are doing good work, but it is incomplete.

It will be complete only when the person in the deepest silence is also alert, like a small flame of awareness which goes on burning. Everything disappears, all around darkness and silence and peace, but an unwavering flame of awareness remains.

If the machine can be used in the right hands and people can be taught that the real thing will come not through the machine, the machine can create the very essential ground in which that flame can grow. But that flame depends on you, not on the machine.

So I am in favor of those machines on the one hand and on the other hand I am very much against them, because many, many people will think, “This is meditation.”

And people are getting deceived. What Maharishi Mahesh Yogi could not do, these machines will do immense harm. He has done harm to many people, but these machines will spread all over the world very soon. And they are simple, there is nothing much in it. It is only a question of creating certain waves.

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