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Chapter 42: Everybody Is Enough

There are millions of flowers. No flower feels unworthy - it may be just a grass flower - but neither does the lotus feel worthy. Those qualities don’t exist in nature because the ego does not exist there. All our problems are somehow or other related with the ego.

If you were feeling worthy then it would be dangerous: that will feed the ego, nourish the ego. But you are feeling unworthy. That is perfectly the right thing to go deeply into.

In discourse the other morning I had a realization that was so obvious I cannot believe I just got it: I’ve been dehypnotized.

The process started the moment I heard your voice ten years ago. Today I felt so close to something. You could have said, “Count to three and you will be awake.”

I can’t believe how deeply programmed we are against hypnosis, and how ever so gently you have been pointing that out to us - so much so that we even think it is an insult when people say, “Osho has hypnotized you,” when in fact it’s the greatest gift on the earth.

Your patience, brilliance, compassion, mastery and wisdom has me in constant awe.

I was really going to say, “Kaveesha, one.two.three!” But I thought, “Dehypnotizing Kaveesha before everybody else is not good manners!” so I remained silent. But she heard it anyway.

What she is saying is exactly true. My talking to you has not the ordinary purpose that talking serves: indoctrination - that is not the purpose of my talks. I don’t have any doctrine; my talking is really a process of dehypnotization. Just listening to me, slowly, slowly you will be free of all the programs that the society has forced you to believe in. Just by listening with an open heart, with a receiving gratefulness, it is bound to happen.

There have been hypnotists, but nobody has ever tried speaking itself as a method of dehypnotizing. It can become a music in you; it can relax you, can make you silent, can give a new rhythm to your heart.a new feeling of my presence, a new perception of reality.

And I may be talking about anything. It is not the question that I am talking about these things; these are by-products. I may be talking about A or B or C - which are absolutely unrelated to dehypnosis. The question is your way of listening. If it is right, then whatever I am saying will relax your being totally, and slowly, slowly your conditionings will start falling apart.

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