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Chapter 16: Truth Is Always Individual

I had one sannyasin, Vimalkirti - if empires had remained in fashion he would have been the emperor of Germany. But empires went out of fashion; his father was just a postmaster, but Vimalkirti was the grandson of the last emperor of Germany. He was connected with almost all the royal families of Europe. The queen of England is his aunt because Philip, the husband of the queen, is Vimalkirti’s mother’s brother. Vimalkirti’s mother has three sisters, of course married into three royalties - Denmark, Holland, Greece; so all those royalties are connected. This was a strategy, a business strategy - you cannot fight with your own relatives.

Secondly, it keeps the royal blood “pure” - as if there is something like royal blood! Man has lived in such fictions. Blood is blood. There is no royal blood.

You must have seen in pictures that Queen Victoria and others used such clothes that you could not see their feet. Bertrand Russell himself belonged to a royal family and remembers about his childhood - because he lived long, almost one century. He made the century, and to live one century is really to live too much! He saw so many things happening, so many changes, so many fashions coming and going. He remembers that in his youth, just to see the feet of a woman was enough for a man to be sexually aroused - because any hidden thing creates curiosity. And nobody has seen any queen naked, ever. It was thought that queens’ legs are joined together; that’s why they walked so slowly. They walked slowly because that was the royal way, of grace. But the whole of Europe thought that their legs were joined, and there was no way to find out.

Marriage, whether it is a royal marriage or an ordinary marriage, is a business affair that the parents think about. Love never thinks about how much money you have in the bank. Or do you ask before falling in love, “Before I fall in love, just tell me how much you have in your bank account. I’m just going to fall - before the fall happens, at least I should know about the bank account.”

You can fall in love with a beggar - because love is not business; love has no meaning in that sense. You may have loved, but you cannot say what meaning it has. It is one of the mysteries available to everybody.

That’s why I say love is the door to the divine. The divine is not available to everybody. Love is available to everybody. Now it is up to you to transform your love into the divine; it is the door. But don’t ask for meaning; neither is there any meaning in love, nor is there any meaning in the divine.

My grandfather was always arguing with me, “What is this enlightenment business? What are you going to gain out of it?”

I said, “That is where you miss the whole thing - the moment you ask what are you going to gain out of it.”

But he said, “If you are not going to gain anything out of it, then why all this trouble? One should work for something meaningful.”

I used to sit for hours silently, and he would always come.because my father and my uncles had retired him forcibly, he was not ready to retire. So, in the house, only two persons were useless: I was useless because I had never entered into business; he was useless because he had been thrown out of business. So we almost always had to meet - everybody else was busy. I would be sitting silently and he would come and sit by my side.

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