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Chapter 9: Old Stones That You Used to Think Were Diamonds

What we call love is not love. And the test comes only when love starts disappearing; then you suddenly see it was not love. You were simply full of lust - a physical, biological attraction. You were not a master of your love, you were only a slave, driven by blind forces of biology. Certainly such kinds of passion cannot become compassion.

If you want your love to grow into compassion then first let it be love! You cannot hope.

You sow the seeds of marigolds and hope for roses. Your flowers will show what was hidden in the seeds.

You are saying to me that for two months you have been very interested in relating to Niskriya: Have you got a little joke for us?

You are a joke unto yourself - why torture poor Niskriya? I have heard that the whole day many women have tortured him. He is a man of a very different quality; he is doing Vipassana. And he had to appoint a secretary to write down the name of all those women and tell them, “When I have time I will see. Right now I am doing Vipassana.”

And the teacher of Vipassana, Pradeepa, has informed me that his Vipassana is strange. He goes on looking into the camera, but his attention is very clear.!

You can torture anybody else - he will be tortured because he has asked for it. And I have told him that there are many witches, but he does not want even to waste time or ice cream. I have given him a simple technique: just take a photograph.or there is even no need to waste the film; just make an effort as if you are taking the photograph and tell the witch, “You are very photogenic” - and that will do! And you don’t have to go very far! Just by your side a witch is sitting.

(And there, a little to Niskriya’s right, is the most irresistible creature. Dressed in flowing black, with a mass of black curls falling over her radiant face, she turns to Niskriya gazing intently from under her long lashes and begins to caress him.)

And this is the joke for you..

Hymie Goldberg has a row with his wife, Becky, and goes out drinking. Late that night he stumbles into the local all-night deli and hunches over a bowl of noodle soup. Hymie notices a Chinaman sitting at the next table, and still being in a bad mood, he picks up his bowl of noodles and dumps it over the Chinaman’s head.

“This is for Pearl Harbor,” says Hymie.

“But I am Chinese, not Japanese,” says the man.

“Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese - what’s in a name?” says Hymie.

As Hymie goes to pay his bill, the Chinaman suddenly hits him over the head with a salami sausage. “That,” says the Chinaman bowing, “is for sinking the Titanic.”

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