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Chapter 29: Just like Ripe Fruit

There is still time for the people of America to prevent the catastrophe from happening. If the people of America cannot do anything, then these politicians are going to drag the whole of life on this earth to the graveyard.

Do you think there is any possibility of your being recognized, or even accepted, by mankind during your lifetime?
You have said you don’t care about what happens to you after you leave your body, but for the poor historians who will be struggling with the impossible - to capture the phenomenon which is Osho - can you say something about the impact of your presence and your teachings in a future historical context?
Also, how would you like to be remembered?

I would simply like to be forgiven and forgotten. There is no need to remember me. The need is to remember yourself! People have remembered Gautam Buddha and Jesus Christ and Confucius and Krishna. That does not help. So what I would like: forget me completely, and forgive me too - because it will be difficult to forget me. That’s why I am asking you to forgive me for giving you the trouble.

Remember yourself.

And don’t be bothered about historians and all kinds of neurotic people - they will do their thing. It is none of our concern at all.

Watching the breath is my meditation. I find it miraculous. Is it a method that needs to be dropped, and if so, does it drop on its own?
Would you speak more about Vipassana meditation?

There is nothing more to say about Vipassana meditation. The word vipassana means watching, particularly watching the breath - as it comes out, as it goes in. You simply continue to watch it, its movement in and out.

And the method has not to be dropped, because when the time comes it disappears of its own accord. When your watchfulness is perfect, the method disappears. All the methods that I have given to you are such that you will not need to drop them. Just use them to perfection, and the moment they are perfect they will drop on their own - just like ripe fruit falling from the tree. And when a method disappears on its own, it has a beauty; then your watchfulness is unscratched.

You are on the right path; just continue till the method disappears of its own accord, and you are left simply a watcher on the hill.

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