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Chapter 2: Sanity Is Just Boring

You are perfectly right. Just don’t listen to the insane people of the world, and don’t compare; otherwise, this question will become a persistent visitor to you. Except the last line, your whole question is a beautiful statement of how a sannyasin should be. Just drop the last line; I don’t think it will be very difficult to drop.

Two Irishmen are driving to a pub with a bomb in the back of their car and evil plans in their minds. One turns to the other and says, “What if the bomb goes off before we get there?”

“Don’t worry,” the other replies, “I have got a spare in the boot.”

Just enjoy the insanity all around.

Of course they will call you crazy; there is no need to argue. There is nothing wrong in being crazy. They have always called the people who were different from them crazy. They have called Socrates a madman, they have called Jesus a madman, they have called Mansoor a madman, they have called Sarmad a madman. And this is their strategy: first, they call these people mad; then they have found a right excuse to kill them. But they don’t know they are killing their highest peaks of consciousness, their greatest sons. They are destroying their own glory.

Socrates is reported to have said to the chief judge who ordered his death sentence by poison, “Remember one thing: your names will be remembered only because of me; otherwise you would have been forgotten. You will remain obliged forever to the man you are sending to death because I am going to become an immortal, and your names will be remembered only because you did this stupid thing.” And certainly, it is true; who would have remembered those judges? But because of Socrates, those names are remembered.

Who would have remembered Pontius Pilate? It is because Jesus was ordered to be crucified by him; otherwise Judea was such a small country of no significance, and there have been many governor generals before Pontius Pilate and after him.

Nobody remembers their names. There is nothing in Pontius Pilate for which he should be remembered. He is remembered only because he killed a man who was unique and different from the masses.

I have heard.In a small school the teacher was telling the students, small boys and girls, about the trinity of Christian theology: God, the son Jesus Christ, and the holy ghost. These three are equivalent to the Hindu trimurti, the three faces of God - Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh.

After explaining everything about the concept of the trinity, she asked the students, “Can you draw a picture of all three according to your own idea?”

They all tried, but she was struck by a small little boy because he had made an airplane with four windows. And from each window, one face was looking out. The teacher said, “I have been telling you for one hour continuously that God consists of the trinity.”

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