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Chapter 1: Session 1

Walt Whitman is the only American to talk of these heights, but he also missed. He missed when he was just on the verge, he was hindered by his homosexuality. It is not a big thing in itself, but a big thing as far as transformation is concerned. He missed. He wrote a beautiful book of poetry but could not reach to these heights. His chemistry, his own body chemistry was not ready for it. Homosexuality is a perversion, a perversion of one’s own body chemistry. But even so he would have understood. He was the right person to understand what I am saying. Very few understand my words anywhere in the world, but particularly not in the West.

India is the land of the seers, but that is the past not the present. That is no longer in existence. This is the height of the Upanishads, the Vedas, the mystics. The astrologers now say that before the Festival of Lights in 1984, I will be the top godman in India and the world. They say I will be the godman - not just the godman but the top godman. But I am just a simple man, not a godman at all.and I am not a savior. I am again an unenlightened man. How can I save anybody? And they think I will save India! How can I save India? I don’t have a Noah’s Ark..

I am the watcher. I am continually watching, just watching and doing nothing, not even the grass growing.

Do not try to cheat me. I am such a cheat myself, you cannot cheat me. As far as the inner world is concerned you cannot cheat at all.

This is so beautiful, utterly beautiful.only a woman can dare into such beauty. Beauty is so much more than mere truth.

Everyone is afraid of danger. There is no need to be afraid. In danger there is no thought, only thoughtlessness. Many times I have moved into danger. I love danger. Thousands of times I have been in real danger.

Once I was traveling in Rajasthan. I was in a first class compartment. In the middle of the night a man attacked me with a dagger as I was sleeping. I opened my eyes and looked at the man. He looked into my eyes, my childlike eyes. You can understand the whole story if you just look into my eyes. He looked into my eyes, saw the child, and stopped. He dropped the idea.

I said to him, “What is the matter? Why are you not doing your thing? I am doing my thing so you can do yours. I dare you!”

He said, “You are the only man ever to dare me. Excuse me, I cannot stab you. I want to be your disciple.” He is now one of my sannyasins.

There may be some devils among my sannyasins. One can never know. Perhaps my being at these great heights may be infectious. My wings are there, you can ride on them.

I am not a democrat, I am a dictator; that is why so many Germans come to me. In fact they come because they cannot find anybody in Germany. That’s why they come to me. I am a dictator with a difference, a dictator with the heart of democracy.

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