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Chapter 7: Come In!

Think again about your night and your sleep in the night - it must be disturbed by dreams. Some disturbance must be there so that in the morning you are not fresh; in the morning you are feeling tired. Either your sleep is not complete in the night, or you may be sleeping too much. That too is dangerous. Six, seven hours sleep is enough. If you sleep more than that, then sleep is not paying; on the contrary, it starts making you lazy.

The function of sleep is to make you alert, energetic, alive. But if you sleep more than needed, then it is just as if you eat too much; then the food becomes poison. There is a quantity which is needed for the body; more than that becomes a load on the body. It is destructive then, it is not life-giving. There is a quantity of sleep that is needed. More than that, then you feel lazy, then the wheel moves in the wrong direction.

Everybody has to find the right quantity of sleep and food for himself. That should be a basic for any seeker, because much will depend on it. So either you are not sleeping enough or you are sleeping too much. Hence, in the morning you feel lazy or sleepy. And while you are listening to me, keep alert, keep yourself as much aware as possible - because even in that awareness, if you miss what I am saying, nothing is missed, because at least awareness will be practiced. And basically awareness is the goal.

And this is just a decision: if you want to be aware, alert, you can be. One just has to say to the body and the mind, definitively: I want to be aware and alert.

Start being the master of your own self. Give rest to the body, but don’t become a slave. Listen to the body’s needs, but remain capable, remain in control, remain a master. Otherwise the body has a lethargy in it, and the mind has a repetitive, mechanical quality in it. Then it can become just an everyday habit. You come to listen to me, you sit, and the body and mind start moving towards sleep. Break it! Come out of it.

The third question:

For me the most beautiful meditation is to sit in a corner and watch the children playing around the ashram. But I'm in trouble: is this a meditation at all?

Watching is meditation. What you watch is irrelevant. You can watch the trees, you can watch the river, you can watch the clouds, you can watch children playing around. Watching is meditation. What you watch is not the point; the object is not the point. The quality of observation, the quality of being aware and alert - that’s what meditation is.

So perfectly good! Children are beautiful - pure energy dancing around, pure energy running around. Delight in it and watch it. I don’t see why you are feeling yourself in trouble. The mind goes on creating trouble. Whatsoever you do, the mind goes on creating trouble.

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