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Chapter 10: Drunk with Awareness

Just get a little drunk! This temple belongs to drunkards.and I will know before you know whether your heart is in synchronicity with me or not. You have come a long long way - just a few steps more.

The politician was trying to calm a group of angry farmers because he had not fulfilled any of his promises.

“If you put a bull into a field of cows one night,” he declared, “you would not expect to get a lot of new-born calves in the morning, would you?”

“No,” said a voice from the back of the hall, “but you would certainly expect to see a lot of contented faces.”

Just looking at you, I know how you are growing. Just the contented faces, just the silence surrounding you.just the depth of your eyes going deeper, becoming oceanic.just your gratitude to existence reaching to its peak. This is the language that I understand.

If somebody comes to me and says that he is absolutely in synchronicity with me - that won’t do, because that is not the language of synchronicity. Synchronicity speaks itself.

There is an ancient proverb, “Lies have to speak; truth remains silent.” But lies deceive you forever, and the silent truth can become your eternal treasure. It has not said anything.

In deep silence you all synchronize with me, because silence knows no distinctions. In laughing together you synchronize with me, because laughter knows no boundaries. In understanding what I am saying and where I am leading you, you synchronize with me.

Watches won’t do. In fact, you don’t want to synchronize with the watch; you want to synchronize with me. That happens as your meditation deepens, as your love becomes unconditional, without any expectations. Once it happens, it has happened forever.

And the synchronicity, the harmony with the master, does not think of contradictions, inconsistencies; those are all far below in the dark valleys. The moment you synchronize, you start rising towards the sunlit peaks, towards the stars.

It will happen.. The way I have been watching you, it is already happening. Don’t bother about watches - because what will you do if I don’t have a watch? In fact, the watch I have is not mine. Even if you synchronize with it, you will be synchronizing with somebody else, whose watch I am wearing. People give me watches to wear while they are here, just to bless their watches, so they can rejoice when they go that they are going with something, some heartbeats of me. This is difficult for the outside world to understand.

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