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Chapter 19: Each Relationship Is a Mirror

If you enjoy only the peak, who will enjoy the valley? If you only enjoy the day, who is going to enjoy the night? Don’t become obsessed with the day. Remain flexible so that you can enjoy both the day and the night - and remain indifferent.

It is difficult to remain indifferent because I feel I am harming myself.

No, no you are not. By not being indifferent you are harming yourself. Try for one month to just be indifferent. This is something that you have to experience before you can understand what I am saying. These are just moods that come and go; you remain unperturbed, a watcher. Everything is going well. This phase comes to everybody(.

When I’m in a certain space I can’t really handle because it’s new, it’s different, I become afraid.

Now there will be no question of handling it. You have to be indifferent. Let it be. Wherever it is leading it is okay. Accept either higher or lower, and just see what happens.