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Chapter 5: In the Blink of an Eye




Be silent, close your eyes.

Feel your body to be completely frozen

Look inwards, straight to the very source of your life.

Go deeper without any fear.

Only this way has anyone found himself as a buddha. This is the only living road that leads you to your cosmic home.

Without hesitation go on, go on.

Gather all the experience of silence, the bliss and the benediction.

To make it more clear, Nivedano.


Relax, watch your mind and body, separate from you.

You are only a watcher.

This point of being a watcher is the buddha.

Recognize your buddha nature; it is just a mirror - reflecting everything but unaffected.

Nothing leaves a mark on your watching. The mirror remains empty.

This emptiness can at any moment take a quantum leap, and you will find yourself on the other shore.

Just in a split second you can be one with the whole.

This union is the authentic goal of religiousness.

A beautiful evening.

Unfortunately, how many are able to enjoy it?

So few, but we have to spread this fire, this cool silence, just like a breeze around the globe.

This silence is going to become the womb for the new man to be born.

You prepare the way.


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