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Chapter 9: The Master Is a Mirror

But there are people who are bent upon saving you. The Zen master said to the archbishop, “Jesus was repeating old prophets. You are repeating Jesus. Repetition is not going to help anybody. You need your own experience - that is the only deliverance, the only liberation.”

It is good you understand that your mind starts behaving like a child, immature. Remember also who is watching the child, the immature mind, and be with the watcher. Pull out all your attachments from the mind - because the mind is only a mechanism - and the mind will start functioning perfectly well. Once your watcher is alert, your intelligence starts growing for the first time.

Mind’s work is memory, which the mind can do very well. But the mind has been burdened with intelligence, which is not its work, by the society,. It has crippled its memory. It has not made you more intelligent, it has simply made your memory erroneous, fallible.

Always remember: your eyes are for seeing, don’t try to listen with the eyes. Your ears are for listening, don’t try to see with the ears. Otherwise, you will get into an insane state. While your eyes are perfectly all right, your ears are perfectly all right, you are trying to do something with a mechanism that is not meant to do it. If your watcher is clear, then the body does its own functions, the mind does its own functions, the heart does its own functions. Nobody interferes in each others’ work.

And life becomes a harmony, an orchestra.

Why do I always feel so miserable? Have I ever really let you in? The moment I sit in front of you, all is gone. What is happening? Can’t you take it all away?

The answer is in your question. You don’t want to take responsibility for your own being; somebody else should do it. And that’s the sole cause of misery. There is no way that anybody else can take away your misery. There is no way that anybody else can make you blissful. But if you become aware that you are responsible for whether you are miserable or blissful. Nobody else can do anything. Your misery is your doing; your bliss will also be your doing. But it is hard to accept: misery is my doing?

Everybody feels that others are responsible for his misery. The husband thinks the wife is responsible for his misery, the wife thinks the husband is responsible for her misery, the children think the parents are responsible for their misery, the parents think the children are responsible for their misery. It has become such a complexity. And whenever somebody else is responsible for your misery, you are not aware that by giving them responsibility you are losing your freedom.

Responsibility and freedom are two sides of the same coin.

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