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Chapter 25: Greed Knows No Limit

But the day soon came - and that day came because of women.The credit of a stable society with cities, houses, a stability in life, the whole credit goes to the woman because she was not going hunting. She was mostly pregnant, taking care of small children. And one child after another child, her whole life was just like an assembly line producing all kinds of idiots. Taking care of them, she had neither time nor strength. Naturally, her insistence was, “We should live on fruits, not on meat. Trees are available.” And soon man had to listen to her because animals were disappearing.

But you cannot depend on fruits unless you start cultivation. And the woman, watching the growth of the trees and the fruits, and then the fruits ripening and falling back on the earth bringing new sprouts, started asking for cultivation. The nomads were continuously going from here to there, and in a certain sense man still remains a nomad. Deep in his mind, something is always hunting - hunting this woman, hunting that woman, going to see the Taj Mahal.for what?

The woman is more interested in the house, in decorating it, in making it beautiful, in making it warmer, in making it welcoming to strangers. The whole credit of the cities goes to the woman. Man is not the creator of the cities. If man is allowed freedom, he would like to have a really good Arabian horse and just go hunting, just to go to places - a strange desire to be somewhere else always.

Look at the tourists.All kinds of cameras and the latest lenses hanging on both of the shoulders. They are running from Ajanta to Ellora, from Khajuraho to Katmandu, and all that they do is photography. That is absolutely stupid because all those photographs are available in every city, and better, because they have been taken by professionals. These amateurs take so much trouble and finally find the film is blank. And they have been from Kabul to Kathmandu.

And their desire is that “back home we will see in the album all the beautiful places.” And when they are looking at the beautiful places, they don’t have time to see. They are looking through their cameras: the right angle, a meter in the other hand, watching the light.And not one, but dozens of idiots doing the same kind of thing. Just one idiot could do it and distribute copies to other idiot fans. It seems strange, but the reality is that the nomad in man is still alive. It has gone deep into his unconscious, but it erupts in different ways.

In America, surveys show that every man changes his house every three years. The same is the average.every man changes his wife after three years. The same is the average that every man changes his job after three years. Three years seems to be the limit one can tolerate, the maximum limit one can remain bored. And then comes the ultimate quantum leap.He changes the car, he changes the house, he changes the wife, he changes his clothes.!

People are even changing their faces by plastic surgery! Just a little longer nose.what will you get? People are getting face-lifts so that they can look a little younger. But new, younger people have arrived on the scene - who is going to take care? Secondhand young people.

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