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Chapter 11: Mind Is the Greatest Enemy of Man

If there is only one life of seventy years on average, then you don’t have much time left for meditation, for exploration of your being - searching for the path. Seventy years is such a small span that one-third of it is wasted in sleep; one-third of it is wasted in educating you to earn your livelihood. And the remaining one-third, you waste in many ways because you don’t know what to do with it.

I have seen people playing cards or chess and I have asked them, “Can’t you find anything better to do?” And their answer has consistently been the same.they are killing time. Such is the unawareness of man. You don’t have much time. You cannot afford to kill time.

Moreover time is killing you; you cannot kill time. Each moment, time is bringing your death closer and closer.

If you count all your activities.. Shaving your beard twice a day - how much time you put into it! Listening to the radio or watching the television - how much time you waste on it. An American survey shows that each American wastes seven and a half hours every day watching television. That is one third of his life he is just sitting, glued to his chair, watching all kinds of nonsense.

How much time do you waste smoking cigarettes, cigars? There are people who are chain smokers.. How much time you waste in reading newspapers which never bring any news! All that they bring is simply sick - murders, rapes, suicides, wars. They make you believe that this is the world and this is our life. They relieve you from your responsibility. They convince you that the whole world is like this. Nothing is wrong, everybody is doing it..

They never bring you any news of somebody becoming enlightened. Perhaps that is not news. Somebody is entering deeper realms of meditation - perhaps that is not news. Somebody has become calm and quiet and gone beyond anger, greed, agony. That is not news!

Once Bernard Shaw was asked, “What is news?” He said, “When a dog bites a man, it is not news. When a man bites a dog, it is news.”

How much time you are wasting in reading about how many men are biting dogs! If you count carefully, you will be surprised that you don’t have, in your seventy years of life, even seven minutes for yourself. This is such an idiotic situation.

And then because there is only one life, there is great speed. Why has the West become so addicted to speed? The idea of one life given by Judaism, Christianity and Islam, has made people speedy. They are always running - on the run - because time is short and there are so many ambitions to be fulfilled. They have to become the richest man, they have to attain great power, they have to become a celebrity. They have to do a thousand and one things and life is so short. The only way is to do everything as quickly as possible.

Most of the housewives in the West don’t know what cooking is. The best housewife is the one who knows how to open cans. Everything has to be done quickly and fast. Why bother about cooking?

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