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Chapter 5: A Still Mind: The Door to the Divine

So don’t deceive yourself by creating bodily imitations. You can create them; that is very easy. To impose stillness on the circumference, on the periphery, is very easy, but that is not your stillness. You remain in turmoil, you remain wavering. It is from the center that the waves must not come.

What is this nonwavering knowledge? It is one of the deepest secrets. To understand it we will have to go deep into the very construction of mind, so let us begin.

Mind has many types of thoughts. Every thought is a wavering, every thought is a wave. If there are no thoughts, then the mind will be nonwavering. A single thought, and you have trembled. A single thought, and you are not still. And a single thought is not a single thought, it is a very complex phenomenon. A single thought is created by many waves; even a single word is created by many waves. So only when there are many waves in the mind is a single word created, and a single thought has many words. Thousands and thousands of ripples create one thought.

Thought is the outermost, but waves have preceded. You become aware only when waves become thoughts because your awareness is so gross. You cannot be aware when waves are pure waves, still in the formation of becoming a thought. The more you will become aware, the more you will feel that thought has many layers. The thought form is the last. Before thought there are seed waves which create the thought, and before the seed waves there are still deeper roots which create seeds.

Seeds create thought. At least three layers are very easily visible for a conscious mind. But we are not conscious, we are asleep. So we become aware only when waves take the grossest form - thought. As far as we know, thought seems to be the most subtle thing. It is not. Thought really has become a thing. When there are pure waves you cannot even detect what is going to happen, what thought is going to be created in you. So we become aware only when waves become thought.

A single thought implies thousands of waves, so we can conceive how much we are wavering - continuous thinking, not a single moment of no thought, one thought followed by another constantly, no gap. So we are really a wavering phenomenon, a trembling phenomenon. Søren Kierkegaard has said that man is a trembling - just a trembling and nothing else. He is right in a way. As far as we are concerned, man is a trembling. A Buddha may not be, but then Buddha is not a man.

This thought process is the process of wavering. So non-wavering means a no-thought state of mind. Really, the sutra says nonwavering knowing - mind is not even mentioned. So, first, three layers of mind have to be distinctly understood.

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