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Chapter 4: Original Innocence

And the wise know nothing of wisdom. It is only the fools who think about wisdom, it is only the ignorant who think about knowledge. It is only the ungodly who pray to God. The really godly simply live God in their life: drinking water they drink God, eating food they eat God, swimming in the ocean they swim in God. Dancing, it is God dancing. Loving, it is God loving. The word God becomes irrelevant because their whole life becomes godly - and acceptance is the door to it.

Learn more and more acceptance and unlearn your rejections. And if you understand this, you will understand something very significant: you will understand laughter. Otherwise the ordinarily so-called religious know nothing of laughter. The churches are empty of laughter, they have become cemeteries; they no longer belong to life, they are graveyards. And the moment you enter into a church you are entering a graveyard - serious, somber, unlaughing, unloving, undancing. Look at God’s life, can you see anything church-like? Look at the trees and the moon and the sun - can you see anything church-like? The church is such a human creation, and not only human but pathological, sickening. It is just not part of the flow of life. It is like a rock in the river, it hinders.

God is always the God of love and laughter and light.

I have heard:

In ages past, there was a time when the world was very somber. And God sent an angel down to his people with greetings. The people were curious about God and they asked the angel many questions. They asked, “What does God most love?” And the angel replied, “Laughter.” But no one believed him. None laughed, and the world was somber and it remained somber.

Then the angel returned to heaven and told God what had happened. So God devised a plan. He wrote a long list of severe rules, regulations, ethics and morals, and bade the angel return to the world and deliver them. The people listened carefully as the angel read: “It is forbidden to do all of these things.and you may never listen to those, may never say this, nor think that!”

And this time the people believed. But when the angel had gone they began doing all of the forbidden things. And God was pleased, for the plan had worked and all the people began to laugh.

The real God is always a God of laughter. Whenever you think of God think of him laughing, think of him rolling on the floor with great laughter, and you will be closer to God. When you really laugh, for that moment you are no longer on the earth, for that moment all weight disappears. For that moment the window opens, you are divine. Whenever you laugh you are closest to the divine, whenever you love you are closest to the divine. Whenever you sing and dance and make music, that is what real religion consists of.

The second question:

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