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Chapter 7: Does the Spoon Taste the Soup?

And Buddha again says, “Excuse me, but I say again that my body may be a part of your body - I am not. Now I know that I am not my body, not my mind. Now I know who I am. And you have nothing to do with my being; you have not created my being, you have not given birth to my being. I have been before my birth, and I will be after my death. Please try to understand me; don’t get irritated, don’t be annoyed. I have come only to share my joy that I have found.”

But parents think the children are theirs, the children think the parents are theirs. In this world, your being is absolutely alone. Yes, share your joy with others, but never possess. Only the fool possesses, the wise man has no possessiveness.

The fool who knows he is a fool
is that much wiser.
The fool who thinks he is wise
is a fool indeed.

Ponder over it: what do you think about yourself? It is going to be painful to see your foolishness. It is easy to see other people as fools - in fact, everybody knows that everybody else is a fool - but to see your own foolishness is a great step towards wisdom. To see your own foolishness is already transforming your being, your consciousness.

A man is visiting in France. Does a little wandering the first night. Makes love to the host’s wife, his daughter, the cook, the second maid, etcetera. The host berates him in the morning.

“What is the big idea? Here you are my guest. I receive you as a friend. And what do you do? You make love to my wife, my daughter, and half the servants - and for me, nothing?”

The fool is always concerned with only one thing - his ego. Anything that is for him is good - anything. And he is ready to cling to it. The fool even clings to misery, because it is his misery. He goes on accumulating whatsoever he can get, because the fool has no idea of his inner kingdom, of his inner treasures; he goes on accumulating junk because he thinks this is all that can be possessed. Junk outside and junk inside; that’s what people go on collecting - things they collect and thoughts they collect. Things are junk outside, thoughts are junk inside, and you are drowned in your junk.

Have a look, a dispassionate, detached look at your life, what you have been doing with it, and what you have got out of it. And don’t try to befool yourself, because this is how mind goes on. It says, “Look how much you have got! So much money in the bank, so many people know you, respect you, honor you; you have such a great post, politically you are powerful.what else? What else can one hope for? Life has given all that one can hope for.”