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Chapter 10: Freedom Opens the Door of Responsibility

I cannot conceive that anybody finding it within himself should not have laughed - but the stories of hundreds of awakened people don’t mention it. Perhaps they laughed, but they did not allow the laughter to reach out; they controlled it.

Just because the whole tradition says that the higher you go into consciousness, the more serious you become.. But I know from my own experience - and logically it is relevant - that if you have your glasses and are looking all around for them, and then suddenly you become aware that they are sitting on your nose, it is impossible not to giggle, not to laugh.

The spiritual experience is no different from that: It is just sitting on your nose - and you are searching for it all over the world. You are missing it because you are searching all over the world. Just sit down, forget the world, and it is there. Who is searching?.

The seeker is the sought.

The hunter is the hunted.

The observer is the observed.

But because you never look withinwards.and you cannot find it anywhere outside - neither on the Himalayan peaks nor on the moon - naturally, failure after failure will make you serious, sad, as if you are not adequate enough, capable enough to find it. The truth is: you are not finding it because it is not outside you.

So all paths are wrong. Wherever you go you will find failure and nothing else. Drop going, stop searching; be calm and quiet. First one should look into oneself. If you cannot find it there, then it seems logical that you should move further away. But anyone who has ever looked withinwards has always found it there.

And in this finding, there is going to be a great laugh at yourself, because existence has played really a great joke.

There is an old story: When God created the world he used to live in the world, in the marketplace. But his life was becoming more and more a torture, because people were continuously coming with complaints: somebody’s wife is sick, somebody’s child has died, somebody is not getting employment - all kinds, all sorts of complaints and complaints. And people were not even concerned whether it was day or night: twenty-four hours a day he was listening to the complaints and, naturally, losing his marbles.

Finally he asked his advisers. They said, “The only way is.. In the first place, it was wrong for you to create the world; in the second place, it was wrong for you to live in the world. Now escape; otherwise these people are going to kill you.”

But he said, “Where to escape to?”

Somebody suggested, “Go to Everest!”

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