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Chapter 5: The Oasis of Your Awareness

So it depends: if the Sufi is talking to a camel he will give methods; if the Sufi is talking to a lion he will give him awareness or love; and if the Sufi is talking to a child he will not say anything about what to do. There is no need of doing. Non-doing is enough, just being is enough.

The second question:

What can a guru do for you?

The question is from Vidya’s mother, Sigrid. She must be worried about Vidya, about what is happening to Vidya here. And, deep down, she is nagging Vidya and trying to take her back. It is natural, nothing is wrong in it; a mother, after all, is a mother. The mother loves, cares, and because you love and you care you become afraid also - what is happening to your child here? Hence the question, “What can a guru do for you?”

A guru can do two things: he can undo you and re-do you. He can destroy you and give you a new life. A guru is a cross and a resurrection.

Those who come here and remain outsiders will only see the cross of the guru, because the resurrection is an inner experience. The cross is an outside thing.

Have you not watched in the story of Jesus? - when he was crucified, thousands of people witnessed it. It was simple. There was no need for any inner insight to witness Jesus being crucified. Thousands of people, ordinary people who had never seen Jesus, who had just come out of curiosity, all witnessed the crucifixion. But when Jesus got resurrected not even his own disciples could recognize him immediately. Mary Magdalene was the first to recognize him. That is symbolic: that means you need a feminine heart, an intuitive heart, to recognize resurrection.

Then Jesus went to find his disciples. They had all escaped thinking, “Now all is finished!” They waited, hiding behind the crowds. They had waited for the moment because they were hoping that some miracle would happen. The miracle did happen, but to see the miracle these ordinary eyes are not enough. These ordinary eyes can only see the undoing. To see the re-doing you will need another kind of eyes. The miracle did happen, I say to you! - but nobody could see it because nobody was ready to see it, nobody was mature enough to see it.

Jesus went in search of his disciples after his resurrection. He found two disciples; they were going to another village. He walked with them for four miles, talked with them for four miles, and they did not recognize him. This seems to be so improbable, but it happened. He was walking with them, he was talking with them, and they could not see who had come. They thought he was a stranger. In fact, Jesus remained a stranger to these people even when he was alive. Their recognition was superficial.

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