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Chapter 12: Today We Claim the Rainbow

The doctors were not willing, because the things that were prescribed were not relevant to the sickness, to the person at all. But those prescriptions were not for the sickness, they were punishments. Amrit did not become part of all the crimes that they were doing; he left with tears in his eyes. And I know Makima: whatever happens, her love for me cannot change.

These people have not betrayed me. These people have been forced to go away from here. Sheela was afraid of all those people who were more intelligent than her - and almost everybody is more intelligent than her. She is not educated; I had to teach her each and every thing. From a hotel waitress, I made her a celebrity all over the world. And this is the reward and gratitude that she has shown me.

Naturally, anybody who is in power and feels that there are people who are far more intelligent remains in a kind of phobia, wanting somehow to get rid of these people.

The chancellor of the university, Amitabh, left. The vice-chancellor of the university, Siddha, left. Both were unique individuals, but both will be back soon.

Shiva, who had been a guard for many years - she forced him to leave. And the way to force him was through humiliation, giving him jobs which the man had never done. The day he left.. I used to go driving outside the commune. Just near Krishnamurti Lake, at the end, he was kneeling down on his knees, tears in his eyes, to say good-bye to me. He has not betrayed.

And they are all informing me that they want to come back, because the reason that they had to leave has disappeared.

So remember, these people were not Judases - except Sheela, who proved really poisonous. But I can understand her problem. She had come to power, she had never seen so much money in her life passing through her hands. She had a bank balance in Switzerland. She slowly slowly siphoned money coming here from European communes - forty-three million dollars.

It is in the name of Sheela and Savita - it was said in front of Hasya and Savita promised that before she left she would give all the details to Hasya. She has not given any details, she simply escaped.

The only person who has betrayed is Sheela.

I have always respected women. Sheela has betrayed that respect.

The whole commune I had given into the hands of women. It will not be so anymore. Now men will have an equal share of power in everything.

It is a crime against womankind. I was trying to give some compensation to women because they have suffered so long, for thousands of years. But I am having second thoughts: perhaps they needed that suffering.

One of India’s great poets, Tulsidas, writes in one of his poems, “Animals, untouchables, and women, once in a while need a good beating.” I have always condemned that man, but Sheela and her group have proved Tulsidas was not wrong. I was not right; perhaps Tulsidas is right. I have been always a supporter of women’s liberation, but Sheela and her gang have proved that if women are in power, Hitlers will be forgotten.

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