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Chapter 13: Speak to Us of Work

The universe today is far bigger than it was yesterday. Tomorrow you will be living in an even bigger universe. It seems there are no limits to existence and its expansion. But there are people who are not in tune with this vast universal harmony.

Even here I see two or three persons every day: when you are all singing, rejoicing, they are sitting like the dead, freshly driven from their graves. If they cannot be part of the dance and the music, they should not be here. Even while I am paying respect to them with my folded hands, they are sitting dead and stiff.

You have to watch: whenever you see any dead person here, he should never be allowed in this temple of the living. I am not wasting my time with the dead; otherwise there are many graveyards I can go to, and without any trouble, without disturbing anybody, without any controversy, talk to the dead to my heart’s content.

This is a living temple of godliness. If you cannot be in communion with my people, please don’t enter here. This is not the place for you.

Always you have been told that work is a curse and labor a misfortune.

Man has been fed such great lies that one wonders: why do we go on and on feeding our children on the same lies, which have not given you anything in life. Your insanity, your unconsciousness, your blindness must be enormous.

In this country you can see it. The country has been divided for five thousand years by one of the most criminal minds of the world. But Hindus think that he is a great seer. His name is Manu and his book is Manusmriti. It divides humanity into four categories: the highest is the brahmin - who never works, who only worships, who only prays; and he’s the highest. And the lowest is the sudra, who works and supports the whole society. You can live without brahmins without any trouble. In fact, because of them there is always trouble. But you cannot live without the sudras. Who is going to clean your streets, your gutters, your absolutely unhygienic, ugly toilets?

In fact, most Indian houses don’t have any toilets. People are openly using the earth, urinating anywhere, defecating anywhere. And these people think they are the most cultured people in the world!

In Mumbai, I became aware that the whole city is floating in urine and shit! I have always wondered why Morarji Desai had chosen Mumbai to be his residence. It is because the perfume that surrounds the great city of Mumbai. Except Morarji Desai, nobody else could enjoy it.

We are, and we have been for centuries, so inhuman to one-fourth of our people - who are the very foundation of our society; without them, you cannot live a single day. But they are condemned, they are not even accepted as human beings.

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