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Chapter 13: The Immediate Is the Ultimate

It is not much different from criticizing; they both belong to the same spectrum. Criticism is negative, appreciation is positive, but the distance is the same. You have to participate in the mystery of it. You have to become part of it. Only.and I remind you and emphasize that the only way to understand is from being an insider. The lover knows love. Others can appreciate that it is beautiful, but their appreciation is superficial, inevitably superficial. If you really appreciate, then participate; then show it by your participation, then become a sannyasin. There is no other way to show the appreciation.

If you love somebody then you cannot just appreciate, you become committed, you become involved. Sannyas is a love affair; it is involvement, it is commitment. And then a totally new insight opens up.

You say: “I appreciate the work that is done here.” No work is being done here. Work is the last thing that we do here. What we do is totally different from work. I am not so much against alcoholism, but I am very much against workaholism. The workaholics have been the most mischievous people in the world. Adolf Hitler is a workaholic, Joseph Stalin is a workaholic, Mao Zedong is a workaholic. Now, no alcoholic has ever done so much harm.

Just think: if Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and people like that, if all would have been alcoholics, the world would have been in a far better state. But unfortunately they were workaholics.

Adolf Hitler was almost a mahatma. You can call him the Gandhi of the West; he is very similar to Mahatma Gandhi. He was a vegetarian - absolute vegetarian. He was against alcohol, against smoking against taking anything like coffee or tea. These are the basic requirements for being a mahatma.

He used to get up in brahmamuhurt, early morning, and he will take a cold bath. His whole life was disciplined; there was no indiscipline in his life. The only difference was - which is not much of a difference, a difference which does not make any difference at all - that he used to kill others, that he loved killing others. And Mahatma Gandhi loved killing himself. And if you ask me, I will say he is far better than Mahatma Gandhi, because when you kill somebody else, at least the other person has the possibility to defend. When you kill yourself, there is nobody to defend. The murderer is far better than the person who commits suicide.

But both are violent. And it is a strange coincidence that Adolf Hitler remained a murderer his whole life and in the end committed suicide. Mahatma Gandhi tried to commit suicide his whole life and was murdered in the end!

We don’t do any work here. I am a lazy man, and hence a lazy man’s guide to enlightenment. We are playing, it is a game, absolutely non-serious. But if you are an outsider you will not be able to understand it. From the outside everything is being done systematically, from the inside there is immense chaos!

You say: “The theory is nice.” Rami, what theory are you talking about? From where did you get the idea that there is a theory here? I am a destroyer of all theories, and I don’t give you any substitute. I only “decondition” you and I never recondition you. There is no doctrine, no dogma, no creed, no religion. My whole approach is that of being innocent, loving, dancing, singing, enjoying the small things of life, because the small things, if enjoyed totally, become great things. The mundane loved without any conditions becomes the sacred.

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