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Chapter 2: There Is No Way to Compare Me with Anybody

Hindus moved God to the moon; but soon people were there on the moon, and there was no sign of God.

Religions go on moving their God, because it is only a lie. You are never going to find God. And a man like Jesus must be a crackpot - without any hesitation I say it; he simply hallucinated that he himself was the only begotten son of God. No man has lived in such a deep hallucination.

You cannot compare me, Peter Priskil, to Jesus. In fact, you cannot compare me to any founder of religion. I am not a founder of any religion. I want all religions to be destroyed so that the individual is free to look for himself into his own being; not focusing himself on some objective God, but searching into his subjectivity. That is the only real spirituality - to go inwards.

The churches are out, God is out, heaven and hell are out; they are not part of your inner being, and your inner being is your only existential truth.

I don’t want to create a religion. I want religious individuals, seekers, searchers - not Christians, not Hindus, not Mohammedans. And when I am gone, I don’t want any organization to go on persisting around my teachings.

Find out yourself.

The earth is never without a few enlightened people; it needs search. And only a living master can give you a taste, only a real rose has fragrance. A plastic rose is a deception, and all the religions are relying on plastic roses, all their scriptures are plastic roses.

My effort is so totally different and diametrically opposite to all the founders of religions, that there is no way to compare me with anybody. I am a majority of a single individual, and I want all of you to be a majority of single individuals.

You are enough unto yourself. You don’t need anything. You need only a deep inner search. You need only become a meditative genius.

A little biographical note:

Yakusan, also known as Yueshan, was born in 750. He became a priest at the age of seventeen. Later, while with Sekito, he realized his enlightenment. Once a master with disciples of his own, Yakusan established a monastery, which prospered well.

What does it mean - which prospered well? Does it mean it accumulated great wealth?

No, it means it accumulated thousands of seekers for truth. It means many became enlightened under the guidance and presence of Yakusan. It is a totally different kind of prosperity. It is totally a different world. It belongs to your innermost splendor.

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