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Chapter 3: Falling Upwards

And you can understand what must have happened to Pythagoras because it is happening to me, it is happening to you, the same process. Hindus are against, Mohammedans are against, Jainas are against; Buddhists are against, Christians are against. Why? And I am bringing Christ and Buddha, and Mahavira and Zarathustra, and Lao Tzu and Krishna into the highest possible synthesis. Still they are all against it.

The reason is: they are divided within themselves. They can only understand that which they are. You can never understand anything beyond your consciousness. If you are split, you can only understand a split world. If you are in a subtle harmony inside, only then will any harmony happening outside be understood.

It is good that you felt great gratitude arising in you listening to the synthesis. It shows that something has started becoming integrated in you - something that is bringing you together, that is creating a kind of unity between the two hemispheres of your brain, the left and the right.

These two hemispheres of the brain have to be understood, and very deeply, because much depends on that. Now scientists are also in deep agreement with the ancient mystic lore, that unless these two brains are bridged and bridged rightly, a man remains schizophrenic. They are bridged, but in a very, very small way; just a small thread bridges them. That thread can be cut.

Sometimes it happens in an accident, in a car accident for example, the bridge may be damaged. It is a very delicate bridge, just like a thread. Once it is cut, the person becomes two persons; one person becomes two persons. He starts behaving like two persons. And strange things have been observed.

For example, the left side of the brain is able to read and to remember. The right side of the brain is not able to read at all. So a strange thing happens: you can give the person something to read, he will read it, but only one part of his brain will remember it. If you anaesthetize his left side, he will not remember that he has read anything. He has read something, but he will not remember.

One of his hands may be doing something, but the other hand will not cooperate, because those two hands belong to different hemispheres. The right hand belongs to the left hemisphere. That’s why the right hand has become so important. The right has become the right hand, and the left hand has become the wrong hand, why? It is very symbolic.

The left hand is connected with the right hemisphere. The right hemisphere represents intuition, psychic powers, meditation, love, poetry, and because all these things are condemned, the left hand is condemned. The right hand represents logic, calculation, arithmetic, science and because these things are praised, the right hand is praised.

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