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Chapter 13: Boots, Flesh, Marrow, and.

He turned to the third, and the third said, “Zen is, but can only be experienced, it cannot be explained. I hope you will forgive me.”

Bodhidharma said, “You have my marrow.”

He turned to the fourth, and the fourth was the man who had cut off his hand. He didn’t say a single word. He simply bowed down, touched the feet of Bodhidharma, and tears of gratitude dropped onto his feet like flowers.

Bodhidharma hugged him and told him, “You have it. Now you will be in my place.”

In this way Zen has gone on to many other Chinese mystics, and from China it moved to Japan. It is still alive.the story of a miracle. Twenty-five centuries have not been able to destroy it. With no scriptures, with no temples, with no special commandments, just from one heart to another heart a transmission beyond words.. It is still alive.

When I was arrested in America, on the first day among the many phone calls and telegrams I received, one phone call was from a Zen master in Japan. He had phoned the president, he had phoned the jailer, and he had told the jailer that he would like just a word with me.

He told the jailer, “You have committed one of the greatest crimes of the century, because we teach Zen through his books in our monastery. Although I am an enlightened master, I am not articulate. Whatever he says I know is right; but the way he says it, only he can say it - I cannot.”

The jailer gave the phone to me, and the old man - I don’t know him - simply said, “I know that wherever you are, you will be in bliss, so it is pointless to ask you, ‘How are you?’ I just wanted to convey to you that those who know, are with you; and those who do not know, don’t count.”

By the evening the phone calls had become so many that they had to put two or three other phone operators on. The telegrams were so many that they had to arrange a few more clerks. And the jailer, in the night, told me, “You have created such a chaos in the jail! In this jail there have been cabinet ministers, candidates for the presidency, but we have never seen such love pouring in from all over the world. You can be certain that no government can harm you - the whole world’s eyes are watching. They can harass you, but nobody can harm you - they cannot take the risk.”

When that old voice said to me on the phone, “Those who know, are with you, and those who do not know, do not count,” all these people - Bodhidharma and Mahakashyap and Gautam Buddha - were whispering in the voice of that old man. He is a living line. He has sent his disciples to India also, and one of his nuns used to come every year to the commune festivals in America.

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