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Chapter 13: Five Doors toYour House

Kisu has asked, “Where are you going?” I ask you, “Where are you going?” It is raining too hard outside. Even the bamboos are dancing with the rain. If you can remain here without thinking, without mind. This is the place, the space. You don’t have to go anywhere else to find it.

Kisu said, “Yes, there are the five flavors of Zen in various places, but here I have only one.”
The monk asked, “And what may be your one-flavored Zen?”
Kisu struck him.

This striking is symbolic. It says, “It is you,” as loudly as possible. You are the only flavor, just be without wavering. And if you cannot find it in this beautiful climate, where are you going to find it? In this place where so many buddhas are present, knowing or unknowing, just gather yourself and look within yourself.

Kisu’s striking the poor monk was just to wake up the sleeping one. It is sleeping in everyone.

The monk said, “I understand! I understand!”
Kisu said, “Tell me what! Tell me what!”
And as the monk began to speak,
Kisu struck him again.

Zen cannot be said. The moment you start saying it, you have missed it. You can have it, you can be it, you can dance it, but you cannot bring it to words. It is a wordless experience of your being.

At another time, a monk asked Kisu,
“What is the Buddha?”
“If I tell you,” said Kisu, “will you believe me?”
The monk replied, “The master’s words are so momentous, how could I not believe them?”
Kisu said, “Simply, you are it.”

This is the easiest and the most difficult thing in the world: to trust that you are a buddha. But whether you trust or not, you are a buddha, you cannot be otherwise. You are pure consciousness, you are pure existence.

The monk asked, “How can we maintain this state?”
Kisu said, “If your eye is just a little clouded, flowery illusions are rampant.”
The monk was enlightened at this.

But are you enlightened at this? It is so simple; you don’t need any education, you don’t need any teaching, you don’t need any culture. You are already there. From the very beginning of time, you are eternity in the moment.

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