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Chapter 11: These Creatures Are Found Everywhere

“And there will be lots of booze and plenty to eat.”

“Faarrr out,” says the frog.

“One thing only,” says the tiger, “has to be remembered: that people with big mouths are not allowed to go.”

The frog shuts his mouth with a bang and says, “Poor crocodile, he will be so disappointed.”

Faarrr out!

I am quaking inside as I write this question. My girlfriend wants to be a Zen master. She does not have a Zen stick but shakes pretty good tail feathers when she gets ruffled. So far I’ve been fighting her for my small portion of the truth.
Since your statement the other night about wanting many women masters, I thought maybe I should just give up my fight and totally surrender, become absolutely, totally henpecked!

Satyam Ambhoj, I agree with you on that question. Just one thing I have to remind you, that you may be thinking that you have to become henpecked; the reality is that once you are in the hands of a girl, you are nowhere, nobody, just a henpecked husband! Just because of you, I am introducing the phrase “henpecked boyfriend,” because boyfriends think this is all about husbands.

It is not a question of husbands. It is just the very nature of relationship with a woman: she is the master. But she is clever enough to let you pretend that you are the master.

You are saying, “I am quaking inside as I write this question. My girlfriend” there is no such person as “girlfriend”; there are only girl enemies.what nonsense are you talking? “wants to be a Zen master.”

So what is wrong in it? Every woman is a born Zen master. That’s why there are so very few well-known women masters, because if every woman is a master.It is the poor man all men are not masters; only once in a while a Gautam Buddha, so you can count them on your fingers. But as far as women are concerned, the whole ocean.

And you are saying, “She does not have a Zen stick.” Don’t be worried, I will supply. I have a Zen stick which I never use, so just find out from Anando where the Zen stick is and give it to your girl-enemy.

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