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Chapter 8: The Rock Bottom of No and Yes

Amitabh has given a small story. That will be good to understand:

One Jewish sage in Brooklyn asks another Jewish sage.

“What is green, hangs on a wall, and whistles?”

.a riddle: what is green, hangs on a wall, and whistles?

The second Jewish sage, contemplating, said, “I do not know.

First sage: “A red herring.”

Second sage “But you said it was green.”

First sage “You can paint one green.”

. a red herring - but you can paint it.

Second sage “But you said it hangs on the wall.”

First sage, “Of course, you can hang it on the wall.”

Second sage “But you said it whistles!”

First sage “So, it does not whistle.”

But one goes on and on. Now nothing is left of the original proposition, but one goes on clinging to it. It becomes an ego trip.

Sartre is an authentic man, but the whole thing has become an ego trip. He needs a little more courage.

Yes. I say to you to say no needs courage: to say yes needs more courage. Because to say no, ego can be helpful. In every no, ego can be helpful. It feels good to say no; ego feels nourished, strengthened. But to say yes is a surrender; it needs more courage.

Sartre needs a conversion, where the no becomes yes, then he will be not Zen-like, he will be Zen.

And beyond Zen is Buddha. Beyond Zen is Buddha the ultimate enlightenment, the nirbeej samadhi of Patanjali - seedless samadhi - where yes is also dropped, because yes is carried against a no. When the no is really dropped there is no need to carry yes.

Why do you say God is? Because you are still afraid he may not be. Nobody says this is day. Nobody says this is the sun rising, because everybody knows it is so. Whenever you insist, that this is so, somewhere deep in your unconscious there is fear. You are afraid it may not be so. Because of that fear you go on insisting, saying yes, People become fanatics, dogmatists. They are ready to be killed or to kill for their ideas.

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