Meditation Is The Name Of The Deepest Relaxation

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In response to a question about what it means to relax, Osho talks about the relationshipbetween relaxation, sleep, and meditation. Because modern society is so speedy, obsessed with work and efficiency, many people carry a subtle condemnation of relaxation as a form of"laziness." But when we take the time to relax each day we begin to feel more centered,energetic and creative in all aspects of our lives. -- 
"Relaxation is a deliberate effort to allow the body to do its work without your interference. You simply become absent; you leave the body as if it is a dead corpse -- and it is needed. As human life has become more and more tense, more and more frantic, more and more speedy, the ordinary sleep is not enough. Relaxation leads you to a deeper realm of sleep." -- Osho