About The Relationship Between Children and Parents

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Osho has always expresses radical insights to education and the upbringing of children. His unique approach and unconditional support of freedom for children is shocking and frightening for many people. Here Osho brings the aspect of meditation into a mostly biologically driven relation ship. Parents and children can have a very different relationship than we see currently in many societies and social structures.

"Parents who are not respectful to their children are bound to destroy their lives. Your respect, your love, your gratitude that, "You have chosen us as your parents," will be responded to with deeper respect, more gratitude, more love. And when you love a person, you cannot condition him. When you love a person, you give him freedom, you give him protection. When you love a person you would not like him to be just a carbon copy of yourself, you would like him to be a unique individual. And to make him unique you will arrange all the conditions, all the challenges which provoke his potential."