Questions About Meditation

  1. Can older people also meditate?
  2. Is meditation also useful for younger people?
  3. Can a businessman be a meditator?
  4. Is meditation for people who hope?
  5. Can a philosophical person be a meditator?
  6. Is meditation for people who know nothing?
  7. Can a skeptical person be a meditator?
  8. Do you have to believe in some kind of religion or philosophy before you can meditate?
  9. Is meditation just for people who know a lot about "new age" philosophy?
  10. Is meditation for spiritual people?
  11. What will meditation do to solve my problems?
  12. What is the connection between inner and outer beauty?
  13. The Key: Alertness without Effort
  14. And once you have started listening...
  15. Sitting silently...
  16. Satyam, Shivam, Sunderam
  17. Listening is very different from just "hearing."
  18. Professional & Personal Perspectives
  19. What is the purpose of the osho talks?
  20. My purpose is so unique...
  21. Silence with no effort...
  22. Are there any ten commandments for meditators?
  23. How to know if I am making progress?
  24. Do i need to make an effort to be aware?
  25. What has meditation to do with wisdom?
  26. What is the meaning of "identification?"
  27. Is there a time to use the mind?
  28. Is meditation for people who have a sense of humor?
  29. I don't understand what is meant by "mind" and "no-mind"?
  30. Is meditation just another program or conditioning?
  31. How does the osho approach to meditation differ from that of tm?
  32. Anything else i should know about meditating?