• 명상은... 명상은... 행위가 없음이다
  • 명상은... 명상은... 비어있는 상태이다
  • 명상은... 명상은... 경험이다
  • 명상은... 명상은... 깨끗하고 맑다
  • 명상은... 명상은... 기술이다
Explore Osho's vision or Osho quotes on Osho or view your monthly horoscope on this page. You can also explore timeless topics on health under BODY DHARMA: Repressing what comes naturally leads to an imbalance in your energy centers, affecting your life – and even your death.

And relating under THE OTHER: MYSELF: One of the most dangerous things as we are growing up is that we are taught to be nice. And that can often mean repressing our real feelings.

Once you start meditating, those emotions are bound to start surfacing....

And emotions under EMOTIONAL ECOLOGY: Whether we’re talking of yet another school shooting or spousal abuse, the issue of how we handle our emotions is obviously one that needs urgent attention.

In the Osho understanding, it is the chronically suppressed individual who, sooner or later, is taken over by his feelings in an eruption of violence and destruction.

"The word should reach. People may understand today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow – that doesn’t matter – but one day they will understand it.

“One thing I can say, that whatever I am saying is going to become the future philosophy, the future religio of the whole humanity; and you are blessed to be co-creators in it."