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Creative Living

Creative Living

This program is for people who have not participated in the residential Work as Meditation program before. The program provides a unique combination of experiences to help you discover the art of living creatively – living in the moment, spontaneously and authentically. An opportunity to realize how to live with intensity, yet in a relaxed way. You can also learn how to move from the normal result-oriented focus on what we are doing to an awareness of yourself as you are doing it – and how that in itself provides a sense of fulfillment.
Creative Living can be booked for three months together or separately in monthly segments.


  • Work as Meditation in the unique International Meditation Resort environment. The day combines two hours of “doing nothing” – sitting silently in the evening meditation meeting – with six hours of “doing something,” a work activity. In those two hours of “doing nothing” you can discover and deepen the taste of being present, alert and aware, total yet relaxed – and understand how to carry this experience with you, whether “at work” or “at play,” the key to living creatively. The other six hours are an opportunity to  experiment with applying this same key to your every day activities. 
  • Ongoing counseling and personal support.   
  • During the first month four days of OSHO Multiversity courses specifically designed to support the understanding of Creative Living. 
  • During the second month a two-day OSHO Multiversity course that offers an in-depth exposure to the whole range of revolutionary meditation techniques available at the meditation resort, with the option to book an additional course module where you can learn to facilitate these same meditations (see next paragraph). 
  • With the support of the counseling, you have the option during the second and third month of the program, to choose up to three days a month of additional Multiversity courses; these optional and additional course days are not included in the program fee. They provide the opportunity for you to take the time to address specific areas of interest and value to you. 
  • Your campus entry pass.

    This includes all Auditorium and Chuang Tzu meditations, and the open-air classes in Buddha Grove. You can choose to attend those that are scheduled outside of your Work as Meditation timings. 

  • Accommodation in a single occupancy room

Not included:

  • Food and all extras other than the above.
  • The course fees for the additional, optional OSHO Multiversity course days as described above.


2014년 11월 1일 부터 2015년 2월 28일까지: 

  • 첫째 1달 (30일): 70,150 루피INR
  • 첫번째 두번째 2달 (60 일): 111,550 루피INR
  • 3달 (90 일): 126,500 루피INR

만약 프로그램을 시작하고 2주 안에 연장을 원한다면, 3달까지 할인된 가격으로 연장할 수 있습니다. 그렇지 않으면 매달 45,000 루피INR 를 추가로 지불하여야 합니다.

2015년 3월 1일부터 2015년 10월 31일까지:

  • 90일 참가비용: 74,750 루피 INR
  • 60일 참가비용: 57,500 루피 INR
  • 30일 참가비용: 34,500 루피 INR

2번째달과 3번째달의 추가 비용: 30일씩 20,100 루피 INR 
7일 연장 비용: 8,000 루피 INR

Fees for Resident Indian Nationals:

From March 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015:

  • 90 days of participation: 50,300 INR
  • 60 days of participation: 40,300 INR
  • 30 days of participation: 23,000 INR

2nd and 3rd month done separately:   20,100 INR per 30 days 
Extension per 7 days  5,400 INR

Once your application has been accepted a non-refundable deposit, with final confirmation of your arrival date, is due within a maximum of 10 days to confirm your participation.

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Before you apply please review the essence of “Work as Meditation”  here.

To apply:  click here.

For any additional questions you can email us at   livingin@osho.net.


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