Meditative Therapies

When methods designed to support individual self-understanding are combined with awareness techniques, then changes start hap- pening very intensely and very quickly.

Osho Multiversity may be the largest center in the word for meditation and personal growth processes. It encompasses all the current western therapy approaches. the healing arts of East and West, esoteric sciences, creative arts, centering and martial arts, Tantra, Zen, Sufism, and Meditative Therapies. The Multiversity offers individual sessions, as well as group activities including classes, courses and intensives. Even more unique than this amazing diversity, is the fact that all the methods used, whether relating to the body, the mind, the emotions or the subtle energy bodies, have meditation both at their base and as their objective.

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Creativity for Meditation

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Meditation and Centering

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Life issues

Meditation and Life issues

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Meditation and the Esoteric

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Opening the Mind/Emotions to Meditation

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Opening the Body for Meditation

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