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Die Before You Die - A Sufi Centering through Life and Death - 3 Days

A centering through life and death.
We will explore where we hold our energy because of our fears. We will learn how to create a climate of loving acceptance around these fears and tensions through meditations related to death and through deep trances based on Osho's guidance. Energy is released when relaxation happens. We then take this life energy inward using meditation techniques and celebrate the beauty and mystery of both life and death.

“A man of Zen is very loving, but he has not practiced love; it has come as a by-product of his realization. He has simply realized his own buddhahood. There is no question of another, a God somewhere else in heaven. He has simply reached his own center of life, and being there he explodes into love, into compassion.” Osho

A 3-Day Course

Prerequisite: Interview