Multiversity Activity

Multiversity Activity
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OSHO Painting Intensive

Everybody longs for original expression, our birthright. This Intensive is designed for those who want to go totally into the experience of being an artist within the OSHO vision of creativity.

This is not just about learning technical painting skills, but also to experience that with deepening one’s meditation, painting skills follow like a shadow. This simple and clear shadow is the by-product of the search for yourself, for truth.

In the OSHO Painting Intensive you first learn to find the key to your creativity. The master key here is: the more you un-learn, the more unique your expression becomes.
After that, the focus is on learning the whole spectrum of painting skills:

  • Nature painting with watercolor and acrylics
  • Perspective in relation to the object and the space
  • Skill in creating abstract paintings
  • Expressing your inner vision through all of the above

  • An 7-Day Intensive

    Prerequisite: Interview


    • Jan 15 - 22, 2016 ~ Meera